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Diagnose en herstelling elektronische problemen

Each modern Volvo car consists of dozens of electronic modules. Thanks to the online “VIDA diagnostic system”, we can quickly detect and repair the problem.

Always up-to-date thanks to VIDA

Seat belts, airbags, engine, gearbox, air conditioning, power windows,... These are some of the many electronic modules from your Volvo car. All these modules are connected to a central communication system. In order to detect defects and carry out repairs, the necessary expertise and the right diagnostic equipment are of great importance.

Thanks to the VIDA system, which is also used by official Volvo dealers, we are able to pinpoint the problem and solve it. This keeps us up to date, gives us detailed information about the defect and enables us to diagnose and act in a more targeted way.


Efficient for customer and garage

Thanks to the official VIDA system and our experience with Volvo, we can detect problems more quickly and work more efficiently. This benefits both us as a garage owner and the customer.

Based on a phone call explaining the complaints or problem with your Volvo, we recognize similar problems and often already know how to fix the defect. This is one of the great advantages of our specialization in Volvo cars.

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